About Our Shop

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Interesting Intricacies

What started in 2011 as a mild obsession has flourished into your new favorite stop for your chainmaille needs. Interesting Intricacies is about self expression, ensuring that you don't compromise your personal style.

How's it made?

The basics seem fairly simple: open and close jump rings into patterns, but more than that is taking place. There are different widths of rings with different sizes. If the incorrect size is chosen, the weave is either too loose or too tight.

I use saw cut rings unless otherwise noted to make all of the chains and scalemaille. These butted rings and the skill of the mailler (me!) ensure that each chain is smooth against the skin.


In a world flooded with cheap, mass produced accessories and jewelry, Interesting Intricacies is here to provide unique, handmade pieces that are distinct and enjoyable to wear. Even two seemingly identical pieces are different. No machine produces these, only strong hands with sturdy pliers.

About me: Nicole Sanchez

Interesting Intricacies is the love child from my fascination with patterns and my enduring patience. Seeing a finished piece fills me with a sense completion and pride that drives me to create more. I am the creator and designer of all the pieces, but I would be lost without my team to back me up.

We’re taking the show on the road! My boyfriend and I are traveling the country to sell my wares and for him to create music. Check the Upcoming Events page to see if I’ll be stopping by your neck of the woods anytime soon.

When I’m not chainmailling, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors, catching up on some of my favorite shows and books, or playing with my cat and chilling out with my boyfriend.