small dragonscale bag green black
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Dragonscale Bag: Small Scales


Little but mighty. This pouch can hold your valuables without fear of a cut purse! From coin to dice, this bag will hold it and having you looking stylish in your dragon-y glory, too! Approximately 3.5 inches tall with a diameter of approximately 3 inches

Once the item is added to the cart, a form will populate requesting color options. Please select the two colors that are desired. If only one color is desired, please select the same color twice. Color options: Mirror Silver, Etched Silver, Pink, Red, Orange, Etched Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black


  • 144 small anodized aluminum scales

  • More than 500 aluminum rings

  • Leather lace and a wooden bead

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small dragonscale bag green black
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