Spellbound Necklace with Larimar Accent Beads


The teal niobium jump rings compliment the deep volcanic blue of the larimar while the indigo contrasts just enough to draw the eye, creating a striking piece. Byzantine and Four Winds links create the focal and the chain of this 18 and a half inch necklace with an inch adjuster.


  • 316 saw cut teal and indigo niobium jump rings

  • 76 saw cut sterling silver jump rings

  • 1 stainless steel saw cut jump ring

  • 1 sterling silver toggle clasp

  • 5 volcanic blue larimar accent beads

This necklace is apart of the Wandering Spirit Collection dedicated to my late mother. Each piece is created with elements from both my supply and my mother's. She was a free spirit that loved both travel and jewelry. I hope that each creation carries her spirit to new places.

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