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Wire Wrapped Amethyst Heart Pendant on Dragonscale Niobium Choker



  • Violet and Dark Rose Niobium jump rings make up the 15 inch necklace
  • Amethyst heart focal wrapped in sterling silver wire
  • Amethyst and Garnet accent beads on stainless steel headpins
  • Stainless steel slide claspattached to the niobium chain with stainless steel jump rings

Love is symbolized by many things, however, the heart is a traditional standard that generations can appreciate. This elegant necklace is an eye catcher. It sits naturally at the base of the neck to highlight the amethyst heart wrapped in sterling silver wire. The beautiful pendant is flanked by amethyst and garnet beads hung from stainless steel headpins.

Finally the intricate dragonscale weave drapes around the throat. Be sure to notice the true majesty of the purple niobium of the jump rings. Each ring has its own slight variations that make it unique and adds to its overall spendor. Niobium is a unique metal that picks up addition depth of color when anodized. Pictures do not fully capture the color seen in person.

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